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Monday, September 29, 2008

September 16 2008 - What It Really Means To Us

September 16 2008 – What it really means?

16 September 2008 came and left us. The date itself has a great significance for many. The most important throughout the years is the celebration for the formation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963, when PersekutuanTanah Melayu merged with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to be collectively known as Malaysia.

I agree with the calls from many groups and individuals for Malaysia to celebrate every 16 September as Hari Malaysia. It is a momentous moment for us apart from 31 August as our independence day. One date is when we become an identity of our own as a nation without having to answer to anyone and the other is when we became united to become our country as we know it now (minus Singapore).

This year, 16 September 2008 took an added significance. It was supposed to be the date when Pakatan Rakyat led by Anwar Ibrahim was to take over the Government. I can tell you that days, weeks and even months leading to this date, politicians from both sides of the divide could talk about nothing else but the supposed takeover on this date. Does Anwar have the numbers? Who are these MPs willing to jump over? How much was promised or what was promised in terms of positions for these ‘ frog’ MPs? – these were among the questions asked during those days.

Even on the eve of 16 September 2008, Anwar Ibrahim confidently said that he would take over the next day. Then 16 September 2008 came and 16 September 2008 left. I don’t have to tell you what happened or did not happen as we all know about it by now.

I spoke to many people on this matter– politicians (both sides), business folks, friends, the public in general. I was curious and did an unscientific survey, did they really buy Anwar’s claims of the change of Government? Did they really believe in Anwar Ibrahim to be the next prime minister? Did they believe that Anwar is the best person to lead the country? Are they still buying Anwar telling them to be patient and that the change is imminent?

Well, here are the answers:-
i. They do not love Anwar Ibrahim, in fact they don’t like him. However, they think he is a good politician - a good strategist.
ii. They don’t think Anwar Ibrahim should be the next prime minister. They believe he has over politicized everything and has lost the respect of many in and outside Malaysia.
iii. They don’t think Anwar Ibrahim is the best person to lead Malaysia.
iv. And it is not that they are buying into Anwar’s claim that change is imminent and for them to be patient, but they are hoping for a change because they are fearful what they see in front of them now and what the future holds for them if it continues as it is. And because of that, they are willing for a change in leadership.
v. And they are not confident BN can change in order to change the country’s fortunes.

So, what does it really mean? They don’t like Anwar Ibrahim and don’t think he is the best person to lead Malaysia. Yet, they are ready, prepared and want a change in leadership.

The date right now is known to be an Anwar Ibrahim hoax. A 916 sandiwara by the man. PAS and DAP and the whole nation got duped by Anwar Ibrahim. Now, as much as I agree with that, we should step back, analyse deeper into the issue and ask ourselves “ Why were so many people, including the normal rakyat who are not politically inclined were more than willing to believe Anwar Ibrahim that a change in leadership is imminent?” and “Why is it so many people are ready, prepared and yearning for a change in leadership” even when they do not believe in Anwar.

The answer lies in us – UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all other component parties in BN, especially the first four. We are actually to be blamed for the rakyat’s loss of confidence in the Government as the Government is us. We are the ones responsible for them not being confident that we can lead and change the country’s fortunes.

We have not given any reason for them to start believing in us again! It is not that PAS and DAP are doing a great job in managing Pulau Pinang and Perak. The situation is worse in Kedah where nothing seems to be moving. And Pakatan Rakyat led by PKR is doing a poor job in Selangor, especially bungling on issues like the demolition of the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Kampung Tasik, Ampang for example.

But how can the Rakyat turn to us for protection and hope, if we, the BN, do not give them any reason to believe we have changed and we can do it!

I believe it is not that they want Anwar Ibrahim. He just happens to be there and has managed to convince a lot of people that he is a good alternative. But the Rakyat wants someone whom they can trust and have confidence in to lead them and to bring the country forward. And the Rakyat wants to believe in the group we call ministers and deputy ministers to chart the fortunes of the country and the Rakyat's fortunes.

I hope this proposed leadership transition from Pak Lah to Najib will happen and bring about real and clear changes. And these changes must not be initiated by Najib alone, but must also be embraced by everyone from the top leadership right down to the ordinary member on the ground. It must be done, seen and felt in all component parties in BN.

Then we will win back the Rakyat’s confidence and trust in us.


Mr. X said...

Support 916 by kissing ourselves here ...

vanhidayat said...

admitting our fault is the first step for a better change..changing honestly and progressively is next.. then come the hardest part,keeping it on the right track..i think both sides have gone through these phases but which side is willing to work harder?

rem said...

ok so so accept that umno needs to change. but it seems, not everyone in the party thinks it should change.
after years and years of being allowed to do whatever it likes (almost), the great ole party thinks people owe it a living.
keep this up, and anwar will win without having to do much.

Ahmad Ikmal said...

Further comments by me, Ikmal - I agree with your comments. The hardest part is to effect the changes. There are some in the party who actually refuse to change. There are some others who say they want to change but in all honesty have been enjoying the perks for so long and are too comfy on their fat “as—s” to actually be sincere of changing. These people will be the death of UMNO and BN. We need to change these people. Change should also include some of those in the cabinet who are doing more harm than good and not doing enough as a member of the cabinet in charting the development of the country and nation building.

Uttana said...

well for some, to change means to admit openly that they have a mistake. It's more on keeping their 'water face' and maintaining the facade.

vanhidayat said...

i agree with your further comment abg ikmal...some of them maybe think they are to strong to be removed from their comfort zone and giveway to better but unpopular figures... or maybe the perwakilan umno during the next assembly will be brave enough to make changes?..

AL said...

An interesting post!

Will feature your thoughts in our website and link our readers to your blog.

All the best.

Ahmad Ikmal said...

To al / - thanks for posting my entry in your blognews.....appreciate it. Would like to get more people to give feedback also.

Anonymous said...

If Pak Lah stays on, you can forget about any reforms. You need total and clear reforms, and it must start from Pak Lah. He must recognise that he is responsible for what is happening to UMNO, BN, Government and the country now. No other way but for him to step down. Then UMNO and BN can start the healing process.