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Saturday, September 20, 2008

ISA Arrests

I am happy that Teresa Kok has been released. Initially, when she was detained under the ISA for her involvement in the Azan issue, I felt it was justified as the Azan issue was and still is an extremely sensitive issue. It could get many Muslims angry and riled up. It is seditious in nature and would have caused many problems, especially when race relations are so fragile now.

But now that things are much clearer, I am surprised and in fact appalled by the whole exercise. At least based on initial reports today, I am made to understand that Teresa Kok was detained under the ISA only to be questioned and investigated along with to ascertain her involvement in several issues like the Azan issue and others.

It is my belief that the ISA should only be used in extremely serious circumstances, amongst which are those affecting national security and harmony. The ISA Act is also a preventive act in nature ie to prevent the individual or individuals from causing harm or affecting national security and harmony. But it is not to be used when only to investigate or just on suspicion! It should only be used when you have totally clear and absolute proof of the matter.

Dato Seri Syed Hamid looks pretty stupid now for authorising the use of ISA. As the minister in charge, he did not utilise his wisdom and ultimate authority to sanction or overrule the suggestions made to him. Again I say, he has made a mockery of the ISA Act by authorising its use on this particular manner. Cases such as this and that of Ms Tan (Sin Chew Daily reporter)are why some quarters are calling for a repeal or review of the ISA.

The ISA Act is still relevant and needed for its proper use ie national security and harmony and as a preventive action when there is absolute proof. However, we need to ensure that abuses such as that committed by Dato Seri Syed Hamid do not happen again.


Hi&Lo said...

Am impressed you put principles first before party.

Malaysian politics is very partisan. Members blindly follow the leader even if it goes against their conscience.

Your objectivity is very noteworthy and a breath of fresh air.

Sadly, politicians are using religion to serve their own purpose. Saddened still with the holy month of Ramadan, there's no let up in fitnah and mudslinging.

Blessed Ramadan

Ahmad Ikmal said...

Thank you. I want to serve the country and contribute towards nation building. It is best done by telling the truth as how I see it.

I agree with you, Malaysian politics is so partisan, be it in BN or PR. Yes, there needs to be a certain level of loyalty to the party but you must also be allowed to express your ideas, views and opinions.

I hope you will help me by continue giving me your opinion on issues.

All of us want a better Malaysia. Let's do it together.

Anonymous said...

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim are playing dangerous games. As Malaysian can't wait to see him in ISA....May Malaysian understand what i mean... Anyway congrats for your new movement in this blogger world..

Lailatul Qadar on PROGRESS....


Anonymous said...

Am surprised to find the way you think is different from my perception of what UMNO is. Good to have someone in UMNO that can think objectively,rationally and call a spade a spade.

Please continue to do that. We need more individuals like you in UMNO and BN.

Anonymous said...

i dont believe you!!!

should have been cat food, more fiber!!

Stephen Doss said...

I think we need more check and balances in place so that the ISA is not abused for example, maybe one or two respected non-politicians who can co-authorize the use of it together with the Home Minister, meaning both or all three of them must agree that the use of ISA is justified in any particular case (this is just one example, there are many other ways of ensuring the ISA is not abused as well)

Anonymous said...


Nice work on your new blogsite. Couldnt agree less on the ISA issues.. accessive implimentations without careful consideration would tarnish & relinquish its integrity & purpose

Selamat berpuasa!


SR said...

Bold of you to be frank of what you think of Syed Hamid actions.
It shows that the no 1 in UMNO is toothless. Else, he would have spanked Syed Hamid and correct the injustice.


CheeWee said...

Bro.. i was sick to the stomach when ISA was 'abused' to arrest Ms Tan. It was a case of shooting the messenger. You know very well, there were more far worse articles and press coverage highlighted by the MSM. It was purely 'selective arrest'

Mia Shakira said...

What is the use of ISA?i think ISA abused people human rights...and most of the time it was controlled by the goverment incharge. The one incharge will use it as one of their power.

I'm happy to know that you choose principle before party because I believe party and their leader is only a tools..people inside it will lead the way.