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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Get On With It

It has been an interesting last 24 hours in Malaysia. The whole nation was gripped and actually still is, with the whole Anwar Ibrahim changing of government saga. Politicians from both sides are sweating over it – Pakatan Rakyat MPs smacking their lips and smiling cheek to cheek waiting for the supposed change, and of course imagining whatever spoils and positions they might be able to get their hands on once in power. BN MPs and Cabinet members, sweating and wondering if they would have to soon leave their offices, ministries and suddenly learn to live on the other side of the world. Lest us not forget the main players in this whole game, and in all fairness I would call it a game because that is how Anwar Ibrahim is playing it.

Pak Lah, Najib, Anwar – currently all playing it cool and steadfast in their own beliefs over the whole saga.

Oh yeah, I wonder who will be Anwar Ibrahim’s Deputy if he comes in power – Lim Kit Siang? Karpal Singh? Husam Musa? Or who?

It is easy for Anwar Ibrahim and gang to claim so many things, including supposedly having more than 31 BN MPs ready and committed to hop over to Pakatan Rakyat. Then the next claim says that he has not only MPs but also Ministers and Deputy Ministers in this team. On this note, I want to digress a little. If there are Ministers and Deputy Ministers willing to hop over, that means they are unhappy with what they have right now and will only be willing to do so if they are given betters deals, maybe in terms of money or much better and senior positions in the cabinet. So, to all you wannabe Ministers / Deputy Ministers from Pakatan Rakyat who have stuck it with him through thick and thin and supposedly am willing to do practically anything for him, forget it! Positions, especially the juicy ones are already filled by these so called frog MPs.

But what I really want to see is the end of all these games. I am seriously sick and tired of all these claims, lies, half truths and what nots that have been going on, especially since 8 March 2008. All these crap that have been happening since then have really screwed our country up, economically, politically and torn into the very fabric of our society.

What Anwar and gang have been doing the last couple of months along with the fact that BN folks actually dancing to his tune have done no favours for the country and society. No concrete and positive developments have taken place the last few months. The country seems to have stagnated in terms of economic / business development. We have actually gone backwards in terms of racial harmony and integration. Everyone is so jittery and I bet no one feels settled right now.

It is time for all these drama to end. Anwar Ibrahim – stop grandstanding. If you have the 31 MPs you have been shouting whole day yesterday, then name them and get on with it. Prove to the world that you really have them. You seem so scared that something might happen to them if you name them. Well, you have been so clever all these while in your political strategies, I am sure you can ensure that all these people will remain committed to you until the end process and not change their minds halfway. Stop giving excuses or shifting goalposts and just get on with it.

Should you not do it in the very immediate future, then you would lose all credibility and people would not believe you anymore. Also, stop dreaming about it and be a good opposition.

BN members of cabinet, stop dancing to his tune and start being the Government – govern the country, develop the country and let’s make this country better than where we are.

The people have voted BN in, albeit with a lesson to be learned. Understand and learn that lesson and be the Government the rakyat wants. The people have also given the opposition a bigger mandate than 2004 to be hopefully a good and credible opposition. So Pakatan Rakyat have to be just that ie what the rakyat wants, which is a good and credible opposition.

So let’s get on with it, roll up our sleeves and get to work on this country for all of us, our children, grandchildren and all.


Stephen Doss said...

agreed, going one step further UMNO and BN should have more confidence in themselves, stop looking over its shoulder at what Anwar is doing and get down to getting itself acceptable to people once again...

There is much to do and far to go...

Ahmad Ikmal said...
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Ahmad Ikmal said...

Sorry about earlier deleted comment - left something out..."Totally agree with you Stephen. UMNO, MCA,MIC,Gerakan and all the component parties in BN have got to figure out how to get themselves into the Rakyat's good books again. Don't just shout the word 'Change', more importantly 'CHANGE' to what the Rakyat wants....."

rem said...

sometimes some of the wayang in msia today is contributed by umno-bn, not just opposition.
i think anwar has lost street cred by promising yet not delivering.

so what is needed now is for umno-bn to get their act together.
dah penat surely gaduh over no1 post nak turun or not.
aim for the rakyat - programmes for them and aid for the poor as the global financial crisis looms over msia.

all u politicians gaduh so much sometimes susah rakyat and susah also reporters like me banyak kerja nak tulis!
all the best.