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Sunday, November 8, 2009

MCA Crisis

Looks like we have Dato’ Seri Ong Tee Keat and Dato’ Seri Chua Soi Lek back at the helm of MCA. Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai is back to Vice- President after 19 days as Deputy President, being replaced by the very person whom he replaced initially. And with the implementation of the “Unity Plan”, both individuals are confident that things will be well again. So the puzzle goes.

I have no particular interest on any of the major players in MCA. Not DS OTK, DS CSL or DS LTL. But I could not help but wonder if MCA has come out stronger from all these manoeuvring ? Or has MCA lost its plot and is headed for oblivion?

The way things are going in MCA, it does not look to good for them. I spoke to some of my Chinese friends who are supportive of the BN but not in any particular party. They are of the opinion that MCA leadership (not anyone in particular but a whole bunch of them) have become self absorbed and are not looking at the greater Chinese community. As it is, support from the Chinese community for Barisan Nasional, in particular MCA and Gerakan (the two main Chinese based parties in BN) is at its all time low as reflected in PRU 12. Even in the recent by-elections, support from the Chinese community had been found wanting. In general, roughly only 20% to 30% supported BN candidates in any by-elections save for Bagan Pinang.

Given the current developments in MCA, my friends were saying they were disgusted and could not see either MCA or Gerakan helming the Chinese community. Gerakan was at one time totally shattered and dysfunctional as a party. Only now it is trying to pick itself up and rebuild, albeit slowly and still unsure of its members and leaders. Recently, Lim Si Pin lambasted his youth delegates because less 50% turned up for the Gerakan Youth AGM. There was no camaraderie amongst them and the spirit of party brotherhood fighting for a cause was totally missing from the Gerakan Youth delegates.

MCA, being the bigger of the two and seen last time as the bastion of the Chinese community is faring no better. As I said just now, many of my Chinese friends feel that the leaders are too self-absorbed with internal politicking and in-fighting. And all these problems are costing the MCA money (EGMs and so on are expensive), time and effort (which it could ill afford) wasted and more importantly face. Respect and dignity are two very important facets and in general, my Chinese friends felt that MCA has lost them. Whichever way the story goes for MCA, its leaders are all bruised up and have had their reputation and dignity dragged down a notch or two.

MCA must close this turbulent chapter soonest possible. It must also begin positioning one or two of its leaders over and above all this fighting so that there will still be someone the Chinese community can look up to. The leaders in MCA must start to think how even with all these in-fighting, at least one or two can come out relatively not bruised with his reputation relatively intact.

UMNO went through an extremely tough time and still is even now. As I was telling my friends, UMNO had to sweat blood and a pint more just to win a little respect and confidence back. We needed to do a major overhaul (no less than the change in President and leadership) to start the ball rolling to transform UMNO. As it is, we are on the right track but still not out of the woods yet. Make no mistake, UMNO is still far off from comfort zone and is battling daily to get there.

I hope MCA can come out of this intact. Someone has got to give. Compromise for the greater good of the party and Chinese community. I know it is easier said than done, especially when I am an observer, but if not done, MCA will go into oblivion.

I am confident my colleagues in MCA can eventually do it.

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