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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dato' Kanalingam Vellupillai

I cannot understand the decision on V K Lingam’s case. It is a blatant and clear cut case that he had tried to use his “influence” to get certain things done, albeit in drunken stupor. More so, for all intents and purposes, it was obvious that he had arranged (through his office) and went for the holiday trip with Tun Eusoff Chin.

For the Commission and then the minister in charge to say that the case is closed or cannot be pursued for lack of evidence is highly debatable. They must now explain why and how they arrived to that decision given what the public knows. Maybe it has to do with some legal interpretation of things which we the public are not aware of. But the main thing right now is for the Minister in charge to explain clearly and wholly to the public.

Now we have R Sivarasa (PKR VP) saying that he will reveal and bring him forward the key witness to the whole case. This is crazy. He is making a mockery out of the whole system. He should have brought the person forward much earlier to assist with the investigations and not try to be a hero now. The only plausible explanation for Sivarasa’s actions is that he wants to make MACC and the Commission a laughing stock. To quote a news report :–

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby today, Sivarasa said he and other PKR leaders are “personally in contact with this key witness”.

"We are shocked to learn that MACC - with all the resources at its disposal - has not been able to locate any witness and is unable to prosecute this blatant act of corruption,” said the Subang MP.

Thus shows he is just trying to play stupid politics and have a one up on MACC and Commission. What he has achieved is to waste the public’s money (investigations and Royal Commissions cost a lot), waste everyone’s time and to an extent he denied justice by hampering with investigations when he did not reveal the key witness during the investigations then.

I wonder if there are laws to prosecute him for doing this.

Whatever it is, the government cannot sweep this under the carpet. Clear and proper explanations must be given. Although the Commission had arrived to the decision not to pursue further, if there are new evidences or developments pertinent to the case, it must be brave and committed enough to re-open and investigate.

With the greatest respect to all involved, this article was written.......

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