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Monday, November 9, 2009


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I am very happy to learn that MACC has set up a special team under its Inspections and Consultancy Division to address issues of allocations given to Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen being abused. This is certainly a pro-active move by MACC and should be welcomed by all.

MACC however must not only focus only prosecution. Many of these YBs and their staff might not be aware of the procedures and stringent rules when it comes to utilising their allocation for the Rakyat. As such, certain well intentioned cases of helping the Rakyat gone wrong might just be due to lack of understanding the procedures or rules instead of outright fraud. I am happy to note that MACC has also directed their state level Public Education units to hold special briefings for the Wakil Rakyat from all parties.

Once after all the briefings of the rules and procedures are done, then no one can claim ignorance when utilizing the allocations. Only then, MACC can prosecute effectively knowing that all abuses are because of fraud rather than anything else.

On another note, MACC must also inform to the public the progress of cases involving public figures or on issues of abuses of public funds. Whilst it is understandable and acceptable that certain information is considered sensitive and cannot be divulged, many are wondering on cases like YB Dato’ Seri Mohd Khir Toyo and investigations on the recent Attorney-General’s report. It is also unfair for YB Dato’ Seri Khir Toyo to be left hanging without a conclusion to investigations on his case. I believe he would also like an opportunity to clear his name if possible.

The AG’s recent reports came up highlighted many cases of abuse. Apart from the relevant ministries’ internal investigations and subsequent disciplinary action if any, MACC should also look into the cases because it is of public interest. Many are outraged by the blatant abused acts that the officers in charge are doing.

These corrupt practices are an embarrassment not only for the Government, but to us as the rakyat of Malaysia.

Ahmad Ikmal Ismail (concerned citizen)

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ezani said...


It has been a long time since I visited your blog due to work concerns but I'm back!

I totally agree with your article on MACC. Its good to read your balanced and well-intentioned views on the MACC but I distrust them. How can you trust someone who willing to interview people 24 hours ? Also don't forget - someone died under their custody!