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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Street Demonstrations - The Temple Relocation Issue

I have been thinking about the temple relocation issue that has been hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons recently. Now I do not want to comment on the merits of the case or whether there are justifications as to the reason of the demonstration (to protest the relocation of the temple to Section 23) but I wish to comment on the means they took to show their protest.

I was shocked and extremely sad when I first learned about the incident. To have a group of people march down the road and protest loudly is already bad enough (I am against street protests), but to further exacerbate the situation by bringing a severed cow head, stepping and spitting on it is pure dumb, stupid and just asking for trouble. Whatever reasons given ie it was unintentional, it was meant for the state government or whatever – it smacks plainly of gross insensitivity and disrespect for the Hindu religion and the Hindus not only living in that area but all over. In fact to me, you are also causing much harm to all Malaysians who live peacefully side by side with all races.

What has happened has caused much uneasiness and unhappiness, not just amongst the Section 23 folks, but also amongst many of us all over. Many of my Indians friends are asking me why it happened and are discussing what this meant to them . I am very happy to note that the AG has decided to prosecute the organisers and perpetrators of the crime under the Seditious Act. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that the investigation and decision to do so were very quickly taken.

What have the street demonstrations and the act of stepping on the cow head got you? Nothing but pure condemnation from everyone all over and hopefully soon getting arrested by the police and charged for showing insensitivity to another religion. What they fought for was totally different and what they ended up with now is putting them in hot water.

The main organisers were saying that their demonstration was hijacked by other parties who brought the severed cow head that turned everyone’s attention to it rather then the original issue at hand. Now I have to say, that is what happens in a street demos. You may start of with good intentions, good planning and good preparations but because you cannot control who takes part, you cannot control what they bring and how they behave during these demonstrations, chances are extremely high that things will go haywire and totally wrong during the demonstrations.

That is why I am against street demonstrations. There will always be certain individuals out there who are joining the street demonstrations for their own personal agenda – maybe just for fun or maybe just out to create trouble. And when “shit hits the ceiling” (pardon my language), the organisers cannot turn around and say “ I did not mean this or that to happen. My intention was good and pure” etc.

Street demonstrations bring nothing but utter chaos and a disruption to activities in that area. There are always other ways to get your views and opinions across.


Detguaq said...

Salam Bro,

In my own opinion, all happens after damn fool decision that never take into account others opinion.

To me that is the begin of unnecessary occasion.....

Analogically, their MP and ADUN are same like a cow which were freely eats the grass from neighbor's land without permission and continue acting like a cow to free themselves and to raise a sympathy from public.

ezani said...

Salam Ikmal and Selamat Berpuasa

I agree with you that the bringing of a cow's head, spitting and stepping on it is really stupid and the Home Minister has rightfully decided to book these idiots. It is even more shameful it occurred during this holy month.

However on another note I think the decision to locate a Hindu temple in a Malay majority area is stupid and insensitive. During the discussions of Khalid with the villagers, there was a lot of shouting but I was disappointed with Khalid's response to them in saying : "...lepas ini tiada lagi perbincangan." (Source : TV3 or TV9 main news at 8pm). The decision to locate the temple just 100m away is also a "couldn't care less" response from the govt. Let me put it simply this way, Aikmal: if you love your Indian friends, you should try to tell them nicely about Islam whenever you get the opportunity so that they realise that praying to a deity instead of Allah Subhanahuwa Ta'ala is plain wrong. For me, it repulse me to see them doing these in their temples and we not doing anything to educate them although I also realise that Islam tells you to respect other religions. So the issue here is not relocating the temple but doing da'awah to the Hindus so that they don't need to build temples anymore but instead follow The Right Path.

ezani said...

Salam Ikmal

Saya agak kecewa dengan tindakan segelintir orang "Melayu" yang telah membawa kepala lembu dan dipijak-pijak dan diludah kepala tersebut dalam isu penempatan kuil Hindu di Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Saya tak tahu apakah niat mereka ialah untuk memprotes kuil tersebut atau sengaja hendak membuat orang Hindu marah. Mereka riak gembira seolah-olah mereka membuat sesuatu benda yang sangat baik dan dianggap sebagai "hero". Saya fikir wajar mereka yang terlibat (kalau tak silap 3 orang yang didakwa di bawah Seditions Act dan 6 lagi yg didakwa bersubahat) dipenjarakan dan saya sokong sepenuhnya tindakan Hishamuddin. Tetapi sebab atau reasons saya adalah lain sama sekali dari Hishamuddin. Pada saya it has nothing to do with the Hindu "religion" seeing the cow as a "holy" animal. Mereka mensyirikkan Allah SWT dengan penyembahan dewa-dewa di kuil mereka dan kita sebagai orang Islam bertanggungjawab mendakwahkan mereka kepada jalan yang betul Insyallah dan dengan cara aman dan penuh hikmah. Saya rasa orang-orang yg bersalah ini patut disebat dan dijatuhkan hukuman berat sebab :-

(1) mereka telah memperolokkan sebuah binatang makhluk haiwan ciptaan Allah Subhanahuwa Ta'ala dan saya yakin Tuhan sangat murka

(2) mereka adalah bangsa Melayu beragama Islam yang tahu lembu itu makhluk Allah SWT

(3) kebiadaban perangai mereka yang bercondong kepada kerusuhan berlaku pada bulan yang paling mulia, yakni bulan orang Islam wajib berpuasa mengawal perasaan marah dan makan minum. The same goes to the persons responsible for creating chaos in the meeting with Khalid and the Seksyen 23 residents.

Semua yang terlibat harus taubat bersungguh-sungguh sebab saya tidak tahu apa akan terjadi kepada puasa kamu semua, rukun ketiga Islam dan sesuatu amalan yg telah diwajibkan oleh Allah SWT. Apapun, melakukan dosa dlm bulan Ramadhan adalah sesuatu yg sangat besar, na'udzubllah!