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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who will lose his "Ong" - Ong or Tiong

This posting is written with my greatest respect to both the YBs involved.

I could not believe my ears when I heard about the PKFZ scandal. It is an embarrassment to the Government and a black mark on the politcians, civil servants and all those directly involved in the PKFZ scandal. It is so big that I am surprised it took this long for the authorities to act. However, I thought to myself, better late than never. I am very happy and relieved that the authorities are taking action, investigating and making sure no stones are left unturned. Even the Dewan Rakyat Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is taking action and calling the parties involved to give explanations on the matter.

I must commend all parties for the pro-active stance taken and hope this will lead to many questions answered and those who wilfully and intentionally did wrong, punished. I have to say there seems to be new vigour and resolute from the authorities including MACC and PAC to investigate and act on the matter.

However, I am appalled and embarrassed by the Ong and Tiong drama which is playing out right in front of our eyes, It is downright silly and brings shame to Dewan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. The behaviour is totally unbecoming of the offices they hold (Ong - MP, Minister and Head of MCA, Tiong - MP, BBNBBC Chairman and Sec Gen of SPDP). I wonder, apart from personal pride and ego, if they think what their actions are doing for BN and Parliament in general.

How can the rakyat and even their counterparts from other countries respect them if this drama continues and gets worse? Either way, the way things are going with claims of RM10 million changing hands and lawsuits of RM500 million, the case would end up with a finding that one person is lying and has to go, no two ways about that.

The BN whip should call both of them up and tell these two to keep quiet - argue privately and not air their "opinions" and "allegations" in public. Probably the PAC or even the committee in charge of MP behaviour should haul them up and reprimand them.

If you ask me who will win and lose, my personal opinion now is that both of them will lose, one way or other. And it will be very sad if that happens as these two individuals are actually good people and have done a lot for Malaysia.

To both of them, my personal plea is for them to stop all the squabbling publicly, sit down and sort it out for the sake of Rakyat and BN. Let's do work for the Rakyat.

Let's keep the Dewan Rakyat and its members as a place the Rakyat can be proud of and can respect.


Anonymous said...

Bagus. Ini yang kita hendak. Walaupun rakan dalam BN, namun berani mengatakan sesuatu yang benar. Saya setuju dengan pendapat awak. Dan awak bukan kritik sampai kondem mereka, hanya sampaikan apa yang betul.

Saya harap awak teruskan dengan apa yang benar kalau betul betul nak tolong BN dan rakyat. Kami dah jemu dengan penipuan ahli-ahli politik dan sikap membodohkan rakyat.

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

I agree fully with you Ikmal. It is a great shame to the august house where they belong.

My only perception is this episode will only bring more votes to the oppositions.

There were many things that we do not we know..and it is plain absurd and disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

BN will lose the next General Election if you guys still continue the way you are. I see UMNO at least trying to change but your other parites are still at it like normal. Examples - MCA sacking Chua Soi Lek - stupid and you are creating enemies for nothing. MIC with Samy Vellu still there is useless. The Indian community hate Samy Vellu.

ezani said...

Salam Ikmal and Selamat Berpuasa,

I would like to say that I am surprised that you decided to write a blog about these 2 people and being politicians, you should know that sometimes politics can be a dirty game! You only seem to write on the surface about PKFZ but the real issue is so much deeper. If you had keep tabs on The Star Online and reading other people's blogs (whether BN or BA), you would know. What is important is that Price Waterhouse Coopers has done an audit and found fraud and overstatement of claims. How can that be if you say this guys are good people ? What about Tiong's claim that Ong has made use of his jet ? To me, that has already indicated a very close relationship between the two. Are you sure it is not a personal spat? If you say the BN Whip should ask this 2 people to squabble in private, I disagree as it involves a public project using the public's hard-earned tax money. It is typical of BN to sweep things under the carpet as if the public tak tahu. It makes things worse for BN because the people do not trust leaders who try to hide things rather be transparent. This further strengthens my belief that the current BN alliance cannot govern.

Ahmad Ikmal said...
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Ahmad Ikmal said...

Let me clarify a few things. The PKFZ scandal investigations by all parties must be transparent as it involves public money.

What I am saying is that the personal spat between the two individuals and how they are going to the press to tell the whole world about each other, calling each other a liar and so on - that is personal and should be handled privately. They can proceed with legal action and so on, but not call each other names or branding them this and that in public. Not befitting of the offices they hold.

THE PKFZ scandal has been and is still being covered extensively by the media. No use repeating each and every detail when it is already reported there. Unless and if I have some new information that the media has not reported, then it is just repetition. I have expressed what I feel on the PKFZ scandal and still stand by my convictions.

We must differentiate what is personal and what is in the purview of their public offices. I do not condone sweeping things under the carpet. I have to say that BN might have done it last time, but it is more transparent now. Pakatan Rakyat, especially under Anwar Ibrahim is doing it a lot now.

ezani said...

Salam Mohd Ikmal

Thank you for your clarification. I understand your wish to protect the BN by asking these 2 "budak-budak" to keep their spat private. However, I need to know if they are "budak-budak" or whether they are "orang dewasa". Because if they are "budak-budak", then I cannot elect such a person. It is just like stopping Parliament Live debate because the telivisyen camera keep on catching snoozing politicians. Yes, I am sure the BN must be ashamed and doesn't want to show this image to the public but this is exactly what the public must see! BN and opposition politicians should be active and sincere and should not sleep in Parliament but instead work!