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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am glad to learn that the Cabinet has agreed to the setting up of a Royal Commission to probe into Teoh's untimely death. It proves to me that the Government is serious about taking care of the rakyat's wellbeing and listening to the Rakyat.

At the same time, given the serious nature of the case including the possible negative effect on MACC's integrity and credibility, the action to be taken must and is nothing less than a Royal Commission. However, the Royal Commission will need all the help it can get, especially from the forensics (police), MACC and any other party that might be involved including individuals and politicians.

I also hope with the setting up of the Commission, everyone especially PKR and DAP would respect this Commission enough to allow them to do their work. The opposition acted very irresponsibly by organising a gathering last Sunday, supposedly due to Teoh's death. What happened was that some of the speakers touched a bit on Teoh's death, and a whole lot about other things. That was really using Teoh's untimely death to their political advantage.

I actually agree with a colleague who said that even if there such a gathering, it should have been to pray for Teoh and his family who are in pain along with the nation as a whole.

Please give the Royal Commission all the cooperation, space and time to do their work. We asked for it, let it work.


Detguaq said...

no more to say just I agree with you

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the Government has done the most responsible thing by agreeing to the Royal Commission. Keep it up and you might win back some voters like me.

alwyn said...

notice how we tend to judge the 'other party' by their ACTIONS but we judge 'our party' by our MOTIVES?

i think a huge lack in the M'sian political system is respectful dialogue and genuine attempts to understand each other. in fact, i'm thinking of organising more sessions like the one we had at KLCC Suria, Ikmal - are you interested?

I know a few Pakatan members who have a great desire to understand and have intelligent conversations with BN ppl. Our dinner at The Apartment should be more regular - what do u think? Shall I arrange something with Chrisanne?

This way there will be:

- regular *respectful* touchpoints between members of both parties working towards mutual benefits / solutions

- a healthy 'valve' each time incidents like the MACC/Teoh tragedy occurs

- a model for parliament (right now, let's be honest, they are like barbarians inside there!); quite frightening to believe these are our political stalwarts(!)

Let me know,