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Friday, July 17, 2009


I was sad and shocked when I heard the news that Mr Teoh Beng Hock, who was the political secretary to YB Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam yesterday.

Now, I do not want to use this forum to question what had happened preceeding to his death. At this point in time anyone and everyone might have a theory of his own . I have heard of both the suicide and murder theories. One said he committed suicide because he could not take the pressure of how long and how tough the questioning was, another of how he committed suicide out of shame and to restore honour to his family. Or the murder theory where he was murdered to keep information being spilled out to the MACC.

However, all these remain theories and as far as I am concerned, the correct secret will be kept forever in his grave. All these theories are nothing more but coffee shop talk.

I would however like to point out the harsh fact that the MACC office does not have a CCTV monitoring system. And as Mr Teoh’s body was found by a cleaner, I wonder if the building itself has a CCTV system.

I urge the MACC to ask for allocation to install CCTV in all its offices around the country. This would ensure:-

i. The monitoring and recording of the suspect’s / witness’ movement around the MACC office;
ii. The monitoring of any unusual activities or movements within its premises to ensure that it is free from all or any allegations of misjustice;

I would also like the Government to introduce a law that requires all buildings to be fitted with a CCTV monitoring system. I wish to argue that in doing so, many activities, crimes and such can be curbed and prevented.

A CCTV monitoring system would provide answers to many questioned left unanswered.

Ahmad Ikmal Ismail
Naib Ketua UMNO Jerai


rem said...

i can't agree more. any probe of any kind by a govt agency (in a bn or pr state) should be recorded by cctv - at least in that room - to ensure that both sides can show to the public if controversies arise, using court order or something (these shall NOT be released to the public unless by court order, or else there will be too many political games played over these probes).
the second step is to have cctv's everywhere in govt buildings, installed progressively, since this kind of project costs a lot of money.

in this particular case, i am afraid the court of public opinion has already jumped to the conclusion (fairly or not) that macc is, at the minimum, guilty of negligence because it did not look after a detainee who was still inside its building.

Alwyn said...


I'm afraid it's not as simple as saying that all theories are 'coffee shop' talk. Because coffee shop talk decides whether BN will hold on to the majority or not come the next GE!!

Coffee shop talk is perception. Coffee shop talk reflects the mood of the voters, the rakyat.
Coffee shop talk determines what the rakyat focuses on.

Focusing on the CCTV issue right now is point-less. Right now, someone as high-up as Hishamuddin should

1) visit Teoh's family and express his sincere condolences

2) publicly reprimand the MACC for keeping someone like Teoh for so long (even if he didn't die, the MACC can't be interrogating ppl until 4am! Would they do that for BN reps? How about Khir Toyo himself?)

3) Begin dialogues with Pakatan leaders to work for reconciliation in light of the fact that one of the aides died under MACC (i.e. government!) custody

In short, I'm afraid your blog-post appears insensitive to the very strong perception among many of us that :

a) the govt is out to 'hunt down' Pakatan folks
b) the govt is indifferent to the conditions/health of the ppl they interrogate
c) the govt is uncaring about the fact that an opposition member died

You KNOW things would be *very* different if it was a BN aide instead. As someone close inside UMNO circles, I'd urge you to act and talk more responsibly and proactively.

Alwyn Lau

Detguaq said...

Salam Bro,

tu dia...belum apa-apa sudah memberi komen yang penuh dengan persepsi. For Alwyn, do you have any experience in interrogating especially as a suspect? It is depend on how big your case and how big your networking. More people, more time. This is not makan ais kacang and mee rebus case. This is corruption case.

Well to me better we leave it to authority like police to further their investigation. Your opinion clearly full of prejudice and bias.


In short, I'm afraid your blog-post appears insensitive to the very strong perception among many of us that :

a) the govt is out to 'hunt down' Pakatan folks
b) the govt is indifferent to the conditions/health of the ppl they interrogate
c) the govt is uncaring about the fact that an opposition member died


You are driving reader's mind to believe what you believed @ psycho.
while Ikmal just try to point out sincere opinion without politics's essence. He talked about building's security in general but you talking like a lawyer 'burok'.
Nevertheless there a a few points that could be considered from your comment....opps actually none!

Johan said...

Detquaq, you're assuming Teoh BH is the suspect.

But the MACC spokesperson said that he is merely a witness.

Why would the MACC mistreat its witness by interrogating him till 3.45 am?

Unless of course, you wish to insist that Teoh is the suspect, then you obviously know something more than the MACC spokesperson OR the MACC spokesperson is telling lies.

Yang mana satu ni? Siapa habaq kat hang yang Teoh ni suspek dan bukannya saksi?

Ahmad Ikmal said...

Dear Alwyn, what I mean by coffee shop talk is these are all gossips or rumours or specualtion until there is evidence. For example, there is even talk that Ronnie Liu is involved one way or another in the speculated murder.

However, thank you so much for your comments. And thank you to Det also for your comments in response to Alwyn's. To all, please keep them coming.

Detguaq said...

Johan Dear,

After read you comment and reread my comment, I can't trace any of my words that address of what you claimed. However I also was informed that Teoh is a witness and not a suspect.

Detguaq said...

ok ok....I see it. What I mean was to be a witness is that hard, could you just imagine if you are a suspect, so it's just a general explanation, hope it is clear to you Johan.