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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To be or not to be.....what a total mess!!!!!

Perak - what a mess. A total mess. The Dewan sitting recently turned into a fracas because everyone wanted to talk and show his side is stronger than the other, yet no one wanted to listen. And I am not talking about just Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional, I am talking about both State Assemblymen from PR and BN.

As many have noted, we have only seen such scuffles and rowdiness in the Taiwan parliament, but to see it on our own shores, albeit Perak State Assembly, was sheer lunacy and shameful. We have been talking about decorum and how a Wakil Rakyat should behave in and out of Dewan. What I saw was crazy. I would propose that even if there were another snap state election, these individuals who hurled abuses, jumped on the tables and shouted at each other during the Dewan sitting, irregardless of whether they are from PR or BN, should be barred from contesting. We do not want hooligans in the Dewan or as our Wakil Rakyats.

The court has also made its decision. Fine, I can understand BN appealing. However, I am of the opinion that BN should and must accept whatever decision made gracefully, even if it means losing the state for now. PR must also do the same after the Appeals Court makes its decision.

BN is losing more than just Perak right now, and potentially will lose more than just Perak if this lunacy goes on. Public sentiment in Perak especially is quite negative on us. I have to also say that if there were to be a snap state election in Perak as demanded by PR, chances are BN will lose at this point in time.

Maybe I am naive and I do not know all the facts and figures, but maybe BN should think of exiting Perak for now gracefully, and live on to fight on. PR must now realise the faults and weaknesses they had and did that led to the wakil rakyats jumping to independents, and they must realise by now that BN and the Rakyat will continuously and critically examine each and every of their moves and decisions in running Perak.

Let us not be in the position where we win a battle but yet lose the war.


arem8 said...

bubarkanlah saja, seperti kata tuan ik.
tunggu apa lagi. kalau kalah secara gentleman lebih baik dari hidup dituduh penakut.
jika rakyat muak dan mual dengan isu ini, jangankan perak, yang lain pun nanti goyang.

akusayangumno said...


Tun in advanced already express his contradiction of opinion about Perak's crisis. So did I.

And now even more agree with idea to return the mandate to Perak's peoples. Let them have state by election ASAP.

littlesparrow said...

If only everyone in UMNO was as wise and rational as you! I don't see why BN MUST forcibly take over Perak - it only makes the Perakians hate the BN even more -- BN may win the Perak battle but will eventually lose the real war -- the Malaysian GE war in 2013. Why fear going to polls unless BN knows it will lose? Zambry should have the courage to go back to the polls and win the battle for the hearts of the people like a true gentleman. Then will he have the credibility ..must think of long term consequences,not short term gains. Hee Yit Fong bringing a pepper spray into the state assembly? that's a weapon you know?!!! the videos on the recent fracas are all over youtube for the world to see - no point trying to ban NTV7 from showing la -- only makes things worse .. just like a virus -- it has gone from Perak to national levels now!

Anonymous said...

buncit hang lah you cik Ikmal, macam bagus.
berani pergi bertanding kat permatang pauh, tewaskan itu bos kita anwar, baru tu kita respect sama lu.

before that, jangan fucking sembang kuat, REformasi!!

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Saudara Ikmal,

We have won the battle but the war will be in 2013?

Will we be able to win that war?

littlesparrow said...

I believe UMNO will lose the war in 2013. First, the Perak incident is now permanently etched in the minds of the people and seething anger is felt not just in Perak but all over Malaysia. It's like a virus. Second, Malay voters are increasingly attracted to PAS, while PKR and DAP are still attracting the Malay urban and Non-Malay votes respectively. More importantly, how is UMNO going to reach out to the youth voters - the very cornerstone or lynchpin that will tip the tide of the next elections? I am not even mentioning BN, cos the other parties are no longer relevant in the eyes of the young people - MCA, MIC and Gerakan have lost far too much credibility to repair themselves in time for the next GE. With a weakened UMNO Youth under Khairy, who appears to be "exiled" from the main machinery, how do you propose to fill that gap?