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Monday, May 25, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be - Part II

Real Matured!!! That is what I have to say about Pakatan Rakyat's announcement wanting to stage a 3 day hunger strike in Perak. Now this is what I call a real stage play by PR, and they are making it into a drama.

How is this going to solve the political impasse in Perak? Well, these PR State Assemblypersons should get thinner and leaner after three days of not eating. That should help get some of the fat off. On that score, it should be a helath campaign more than anything else.

I also do not understand it. When the High Court ruled in their favour, the PR boys were so happy, immediately declaring the courts to be clean and free of of any influence. They hailed the justice system as good and credible. Immediately, Nizar and his EXCOs wanted to assume their offices, with Nizar seeking an appointment with YMM Raja Perak to dissolve the State Assembly.

Now that the Appeals Court have ruled not in their favour, immediately someone in the PR is making statements saying the Courts are not credible, corrupted and so on. Immediately PR Perak wants to have a hunger strike. I just can't understand it how all these manouverings, drama and stage playing by PR can help the rakyat of Perak.

Appeal to the Federal Courts. Let the Federal Courts decide. If you go to the Courts, it means you must have faith in it and you must abide to the judgment. You can't do this - accept the decision at one stage and hail it as good justice when it is in your favour and sulk and condemn it when the court decision does not favour you.

Don't be childish please. This is like a spoiled kid pouting, refusing to eat, drink and just being plain difficult to make his parents miserable because he is not getting the toy that he wants. In this case, making the Rakyat of Perak miserable.

And we have got to stop all this political drama in Perak. Do appeal to the Federal Courts. But once and for all, BN or PR, accept the decision and let's move on - for the sake of the Rakyat in Perak. Whatever be the case, Perakians will be the judge and executioner come the next General Election if it comes to that.

By the way, I hope there is a weighing in after the 3 day hunger strike. I would like to see who has lost the most weight. No cheating now!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hunger Strike? I think it is more a case of Nizar and his boys realising that they need to go on a diet. So, why not capitalise it politically.

JALILMM said...

Salam abang Ikmal,

Masih ingat saya lagi? Ex-pimpinan pelajar kat UM dulu (sekitar tahun 1999-2001- berasal dari Guar Chempedak...
Mohon dilink ke blog pandangan politik saya...

Jalil Muhamad

littlesparrow said...

"Whatever be the case, Perakians will be the judge and executioner come the next General Election if it comes to that."

Ikmal - MALAYSIANS will be the judge and executioner come next GE ... and that's a scary thought ...with GDP at -6.2%, i can't help but be very ready for a change in govt at the rate we are going -- why wasn't the rakyat prepared ahead for such a bad set of results?