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Friday, February 27, 2009

Get It Right!

Please get your act right! In the morning , YB Datuk Ir Md Zin announced that toll rates will be hiked up. In the afternoon, YAB Pak Lah says that he wants the toll rates to remain. He said that although the decision was made two or three weeks ago in the cabinet meeting, he has had a change of heart about the rates because of the economic scenario presently.

First and foremost, with due respect, even if Pak Lah has had a change of heart, he should have informed the Works Minister early before the announcement was made. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud and greatly appreciate Pak Lah’s change of heart. This shows that Pak Lah has the rakyat’s well being in his heart, but I just wish he had managed the whole issue better. The minute that Pak Lah felt the hike was not right, even after cabinet had made the decision, he should have called Ir Md Zin to re-table it in the following cabinet meeting.

Now it is like Pak Lah and Ir Md Zin do not communicate with each other. That is bad. But whatever be the case, I thank you Pak Lah and the entire cabinet in advance for reviewing this announcement. The hike is really at a bad timing. It shows that for whatever faults there are on the process arriving to the final decision, the Cabinet members will always have the Rakyat’s well being in their hearts.


Anonymous said...

A hallmark in Pak Lah's government. Flip flop decision making. Today he agrees on one thing, tomorrow he changes his mind according to his whims and fancies. He makes the whole cabinet look bad.

Pak Lah has got to go, the earlier the better. He is such a joke and is the butt of jokes in many circles. He cannot run the Prime Minister's office anymore. No one believes in him anymore and I for one have started to switch to other channels when I see his face. I generally have no problems with other ministers and would be interested with what they have to say, but Pak Lah - utter nonsense. Says one thing and does another the next minute. Same category as Samy Vellu.

Cabinet decision making and Malaysia will be better once Pak Lah goes.

littlesparrow said...

Ikmal - why should you be surprised? Our government is at least being consistent. Consistently consistent flip-flopping!! Makes you wonder how decisions are being made in the upper echelons of government. Welcome to Malaysia, truly Flip Flop Asia!

rem said...

salam dari temasek,
rosak nama negara, tuan ikmal!
saya harap pm yg baru tak begitu. takkan lah pagi baru umumkan petang dah tukar fikiran.
gila punya kerja.
lepas tu, satu hari perkataan 'allah' diwartakan sebagai ok utk bible, esok dah tukar lagu.
pening rakyat, tuan ikmal.

akusayangumno said...

Hmmm.....bahasa jiwa bangsa....

Anonymous said...

Flip-flop,flippity flop....flippity flippity flippity flop - Pak Lah's jingle......