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Monday, February 23, 2009

Elizabeth Wong II

I have been following the Elizabeth Wong’s story with great sadness. She had been punished once when her pictures were circulated to the media by her ex-boyfriend. That had caused her great embarrassment and personal pain, prompting her to immediately offer her resignation as a State EXCO and State Assemblyperson.

Yet she continues to be punished by the media especially the print press. Daily, she would make the pages with stories about her ranging from her ex boyfriend to the incredulous stories that I find hard to believe and which continue to cause great pain and embarrassment to her. I was told by a colleague for example, one daily ran a story that she was also a victim of domestic violence!

Now if you talking about harassment and disturbing someone’s right to peace and privacy, this is it. It is a continuous breach of a person’s privacy by running story after story on YB Wong’s private life and so on. You guys are continuously causing her pain and embarrassment, and infringing her rights to privacy, all in the name of getting a good story and selling the newspaper. I would actually like to see some respect be given to Elizabeth Wong. Other than factual stories to find her ex-boyfriend and such, please stop printing rubbish stories. All politicians should also stop commenting on her case and let the police do their work. Stop demanding her to resign. She has offered her resignation and is firm about resigning. It is now up to PR leaders to accept it. What else do you want?

And PR leaders, stop coming up with excuses such as BN set it up or someone breached security in her house to take her nude photos. It is actually an insult to her by saying that. YB Wong is not so stupid or gullible. Yes, she let her guard down, but to someone whom she trusted and thought she could trust. And not that she was posing for the photographer. She was asleep.

I personally feel YB Wong should not resign. If she has been doing a good job as an environmentalist as said by her colleagues, especially with regard to the hillside development, we should all let her continue do her job. Her poor moral judgment of trusting the man should be her personal anguish and not be the reason to punish her. But it is also up to us not to have any prejudiced sentiments when dealing with her. More so, this is not the time for the Election Commission to spend more millions on a by – election. Now is the time for the Federal Government and the State Governments to focus on the economy, on how to ensure there will always be food on the table for families, how to ensure the Rakyat’s well being and needs are taken care and how to manage the country and states to weather the global recession yet position the country to move forward and catch the next wave up. All politicians, regardless of political affiliation should think about these rather than continue politicking or harping on political issues all the time.

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