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Saturday, June 20, 2009


I read with great interest the report that quoted an Indonesian Minister saying that the Indonesian might stop sending Indonesian maids to Malaysia. The report also quoted an Embassy officer as saying that of all Asian countries to take Indonesian maids, Malaysia was the most problematic country.

Now may I say that I am actually very happy if the Indonesian Government does that. Please stop them from coming to Malaysia. I fully agree with this proposal. I would like to suggest to the Indonesian Government that they do not have to wait for a meeting with their counterparts here before proceeding with their threat, but to do so immediately. Lest they be accused of only making empty threats.

The report also said that there are about 300,000 Indonesian maids in Malaysia. I have to admit, I am shocked. That is a big number. If a maid gets on average RM550 a month, 300,000 maids would mean RM165 million are being paid to Indonesian maids a month or RM1.98 billion a year.I wonder how much money these maids send home to their families in Indonesia.I also wonder including their families, how many people are actually benefiting from these Indonesian maids working in Malaysia. Make no mistakes, they come here to work and make money to send it back to Indonesia. Almost zero or very little is spent here.

Don't get me wrong. I actually am disgusted with the way some people treat their maids. These maids are also human beings and should be treated well. I have to say I have had my share of the good and bad. One maid was actually caught stealing from us. Another of my neighbour's maid was seen spitting into the food she prepared for that family. And there was this story of the maid bringing back men to the house when her employer was away. And the list of horror stories involving maids continues on......

There are good maids. I had 2 maids who stayed with us for about 7 years. We were happy with them and vice versa. They were good and honest with us. They took care of us and did not cause much problems. They left only when they were to get married. In fact, our maids had also travelled to Australia once and performed Umrah with our family. That was how close all of us were.

So, I get sick looking at how employers treat some of their maids. And I get disgusted by the horror stories I have heard of what maids do to the employer and the family. I pray to god that my maids now and forever will always be good.

On that score also, it is wrong to just blame one side.

On the Indonesian Minister's threat, again I say it - please make good of your threat. Don't send anymore Indonesian maids here, and please make sure you enforce it well, with no leakages. There are always other sources we Malaysians can tap on.

And while you are doing that Mr Indonesian Minister, could you also please come and take back all the Indonesians who have entered Malaysia illegally too?


Anonymous said...

Well said. The Indonesians have always thought and seen us as a little brother, and have always threatened and reacted emotionally to any little problem between Malaysia and Indonesia. Recent example is the Ambalat issue. While we call for restraint and calmness, the Indonesians were protesting and demontrating in front of our embassy in Jakarta.

Detguaq said...

Waduhh....waduhhh bisa pusing deh kerna ada kawan2 yg sedang cuba rapatin cewek yg kerjain sama Dato'. Dato' mana dong? Mana2 dato' lah, ngak mungkin kerja sama si supir seperti aku!!!

To me Indonesians are always overeacting while handling cases that involved Malaysia. Like Mano's case, now they realised that somethin' ratten has blow the smell!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that u ar surprised.Anyway with imppressive calculations , u can wake up the authorities.
The open sky and 23 million target tourists (by all the ministers of touring from Kadir azlina and NYY) have blinded all of us to the risks.We are just plain naive.
And no one in the national security council wants to take a swipe at our serious problems of 3.1 million foreigners in the country.700 iranians students insulted us by doing a demo against their country elections result.Time and time again we read abt african with black money scam.Time and again we read about GROs from China getting caught doing selling business at night.
See Petaling street KL, Pudu KL,Selayang KL,Chow Kit KL,big problem.Raja Nong CHik said we need foreigners who will work becus no malaysian want certain jobs.He is naive becuz foreigners, are carpet sellers, shop assistants, black money, permanent students,con men and con women.
Some jest come to look for job in curry house etc..
So Ahmad get real ,wise up tell the PM to be realistic.
The new economic model will send the foreiners home.
Just Do ur maths and accounting.
Ex Accountant.

Alwyn said...

the maid issues sounds like the smoking issue: a completely removal *sounds* helpful and healthy, but the setbacks could be serious.

in the case of smoking, the jobs lost and the addiction craved could be catastrophic. in the case of maids, where will they get lower-priced maids with fewer horror stories? Thais? Burmese?

300,000 maids isn't such a big number if we can imagine that number of bungalows and/or high-priced houses in the country (which could use more cleaning than normal); throw in even middle-income families getting maids and the number starts to look small.

so personally i feel we should make the main issue the main issue: the humane and proper treatment of hired help. let's keep it simple: I beat my domestic help, I serve time.