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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Totally Stupid!!!!!

I am of the opinion that Datuk Shahrir Samad is a sore loser! A cry baby!

Just because he lost in his bid for a seat in the Supreme Council, he wants to resign from his post as a cabinet minister. He justified this by saying that if the delegates do not want him, then he should even resign as cabinet minister as maybe he has done something wrong.

Good justification but as a cabinet minister and a person supposedly loyal to the Government, party and country, your actions should not cause pain or inconvenience to the Government and country. Why resign when everyone knows that DS Najib will reshuffle the cabinet anyway? Why can’t you quietly wait it out (after all the reshuffle is expected soon after DS Najib takes over) and then whisper into Najib’s ears that you do not want to be in his cabinet? That would be the mark of a team player, not a person who is opinionated and selfish as what he had done.

Anyway, I personally feel that the nation will not lose anything with his departure as there many as capable to replace him.

How can he win a Supreme Council seat in the party? It is not because of money politics I can tell you that. But it is more because he did not go down to the grassroots to meet people.

I do not wish to berate him more than I have done. I shall keep my further thoughts of him to myself. All I have to say now is he must have many good traits in him and have done many good things, but it is just not his time to win in his bid for a Supreme Council seat. And I wish he was more gracious in defeat and not be a sore loser as many are quietly saying.

Yes, I am angry. I did not expect an UMNO senior member with a cabinet post who enjoyed fair confidence from the public to have behaved like he did.

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Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Shahrir is `too smart' ( he thinks) to be in Najib's cabinet..knowing pretty well that he would not be included..

remember his division's nomination for the top UMNO posts...joke of the year!