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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad governance

This is just a case of bad governance. The delay has caused nothing but inefficiency in the Government machinery. The longer the delay, the more the Rakyat of penang will suffer. Don't put politics above good governance until the rakyat suffers.

Lim puts off naming deputy CM
Apr 15, 09 12:15pm

The much-anticipated announcement by the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on who would be the new deputy chief minister (1) did not materialise today.

Lim said that the post would remain vacant until PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim finalises his candidate for the post.Lim said the delay would also allow Anwar to resolve internal party issues first.The post became vacant following the resignation of Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin on April 8."Anwar is unable to accede to my request to make recommendation to fill in the empty exco seat and the appointment of a new DCM1."While I am disappointed with the delay, I fully understand the various political pressures that Anwar is facing in recommending appointments to these positions," he said in a statement today.He added that although he as the chief minister had the prerogative to appoint someone as the exco member and as the deputy chief minister, he believed in consulting and waiting for Anwar to recommend someone from PKR.He said the public were curious as to the delay taken by Anwar in naming his nominee.However he said that as an experienced political leader, Anwar knew that the people were puzzled over the difficulty in selecting a replacement to Mohamed Fairus.The people are puzzled. Lim said that following Anwar's indication earlier that the replacement must be Malay, many questions have been asked by the people, such as:1. Why was the exco position not filled by Maktar Shapee of Sungai Bakap who is the only Malay PKR state representative available?2. Why the delay in choosing as DCM1 from one out of the two state representatives of Maktar and exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassim?3. Is the delay caused by Anwar to prepare for a by-election in Penanti, whose present state representative was Mohammad Fairus?"I am confident that Anwar will answer and explain fully all questions after he had decided on who he wants to recommend to be appointed," added Lim.

Initially Lim said that he would be making an announcement today on the replacement.

These are excerpts taken from a Malaysiakini report. For the full report, please refer to Malaysiakini.

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