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Thursday, January 22, 2009


What happened in the Kuala Terengganu by-election was not a wake up call as many had said it. We had our wake-up call, and woken up rudely as many would say, at the 12th General Election last March. And I believe, regardless whether one supports BN or PR, the whole nation was surprised by the outcome of the March General Elections.

And BN is trying to change. Calls for transformation reverberated not only in UMNO branch and divisional meetings, but also in MCA, MIC, Gerakan and so on. BN meetings chaired by YAB Pak Lah have also recognized this need and have been talking about the same thing. YAB Pak Lah and the gang have been trying to change. The MACC bill is one, along with issues like appointment of judges, mega projects shelved, rakyat centric projects given the priority and a host of other things. Even the thought process now is different within the BN party.

However, it is painfully obvious to me that whatever changes the Government has done so far are not enough. Sometimes this is because for whatever good that we do like the MACC bill and so on, suddenly the public gets shocked by one or two bad decisions or proposals coming from individuals or companies linked to the Government. A case in point is Sime Darby’s announcement that it proposed to takeover IJN. And when that failed, the recent and ongoing proposal to build the LCCT terminal for AirAsia in Labu. Because of things like these, whatever good the Government had done throughout the last couple of months and the goodwill credited, have all gone down the drain.

To digress a bit. Sime Darby’s action have got me wondering. Sime Darby seems to be so impatient and in a hurry to do all these deals. Why?

Another issue I would like to point out is the KT by – election. Many thought the battle between PAS and BN was lost not during polling day, but the day BN announced the candidate. Many said that BN had not learned their lesson by putting the particular candidate because he is detached from the grassroots. Whilst I wish to remain neutral on this issue, that is the perception of the public and voters in KT and like it or not BN has to be mindful of all these factors in the future. Voters are what we need to win the election (or in this case by-election). In fact a friend of mine from KT told me, the candidate is a capable man and the right choice but at the wrong time and place.

So, when will BN really change and make impactful changes that will convince the rakyat? I can’t say for the other component parties but I believe for UMNO, real changes will start in March. And the first real change is the selfless sacrifice by YAB Pak Lah to step down as UMNO President, BN Chairman and Prime Minister soon after that to allow the election of YAB DS Najib to these posts.

Second would be the election of a whole new team comprising the old and new to the Supreme Council that would bring fresh mandate for them to act and initiate changes. This would be complemented by the Pemuda. Wanita and Puteri wings also. For the first time in so many years, all these three wings will have contests for their heads which mean a fresh mandate for all.

These changes must also be impactful. BN cannot effect changes just for the sake of changing, without knowing heads or tails what it is changing, why it is changing and the effects of the changes. These changes must also be real and to the core, not superficial or just scratching the surface. And more importantly, all the changes must be thought out properly and must be for the rakyat. Changes made must not only have a positive effect to the older generation but must be felt and appreciated by the younger generation.

These changes must be more than just rebranding or repackaging. I do not want new clothes or new wrappings but the same old core. It must be a transformation. It must be a paradigm shift in the mindset and approach. In short, UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan,PPP and others must sweat blood to win back the rakyat’s trust and belief.

What I have written here for BN is by no means exhaustive. The list of changes and our hopes for BN are endless. But I have high hopes for DS Najib and several individuals I know who have realized UMNO and BN need to change with times for the Rakyat. Should these individuals manage to secure the posts they are campaigning for in the party elections, it will be enough to give them the platform to effect the changes needed, realistically, pragmatically and effectively.

To those in UMNO and BN who still refuse to change, and I admit there are some though minority in numbers, continue being the dinosaurs you are. Sooner rather than later, you will be extinct.

I am confident that changes and transformation will come. I am confident DSNR will be able to do it. Together, the new team will chart the fortunes of UMNO and with our friends, fortunes of BN. Give us a chance to correct our wrongs. And correct them, we will.


ElectricityMahal said...

The only way for UMNO to show that it is serious about change is to abolish ISA and close kem Kamunting. ISA is currently being used by UMNO to bully the Rakyat, media and opposition. IF UMNO abolishes ISA, I think the Rakyat would be more willing to give them another chance. Otherwise, UMNO and BN will definitely be voted out at the next GE.

Ahmad Ikmal said...

In many countries such as the US, UK, Singapore and so on have ISA in one way or another. Thus in one way or another ISA or its various forms play an important role for countries.

I have been thinking on seriously calling for a revamp of the ISA. I was particularly angry the way ISA was used to the reporter recently (read my posting on it).

Should ISA still be around, but the implementation of ISA in terms of the authoritative powers to approve the using of ISA be expanded, do you think it will be ok? For example, now it is just the particular minister's consent needed. We expand it to include a judge and the KSN for example. Or something like that. These are all options. Let me hear your thoughts and constructive critisisms on this.

Anonymous said...

ISA perlu kekal.
yang perlu beruibah adalah minda PEMBESAR pemimpin UMNO.

dulu kita ada pemimpin ni kita ada pembesar UMNO meminjam kata kata dato kadir jasin..

bila PEMBESAR UMNO turun dok kempen..mereka datang naik merceds bmw cermin gelap....dok lepak kopi house...

bandingkan dgn pemimpin pas yg dok lepak sama rakyat....minum kopi kat warung kopi....sempoi...mana rakyat nak pilih?

perkara paling pokok yg perlu beruabah:


Dekat kpd rakyat.

Jgn dok lalai nak kontrak dan kontrak dan kontrak...

saya pernah dok satu meja dgn sekumpulan warga UMNO...yg dia org dok bincang projek projek projek...tarak benda lain...drputera

mahaganapathy said...

yes we have to learn & i strongly believe BN can make a comeback>>>

mahaganapathy said...

and i really hope MIC also will change....the recent rebranding effort for me its look like re-positioning only.....dead woods need to leave.....

CheeWee said...

dude - agreed on yr statement - change, real change not superficial..transformation.. but i got the feelings come mar, the usual suspects - the tainted warlords would be elected! perception in politics hurts.. so if these dinosaur leaders especially those that hv tainted history remain, there's only 1 way - yes head south! Rakyat tak mudah lupa - Aussie $$$, big fat bonus, luxury watch etc!

2 SENs said...


UMNO is not as well runned as MCA in the KT by-election.

I've the feeling MCA now got somebody advising them in the right direction.

Perhaps UMNO should speak with MCA and try get fresh advisor beyond the usual UMNO coterie.

~2 SENs