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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick Note

Just a quick note on the late S Kugan's case. I am happy that the Attorney General is taking a serious view on this case by re classifying it to a murder case and also sending back the initial investigation papers to the police for further and more thorough investigation.

I want to see the the cops who beat S Kugan (and it does not matter if the beatings were the cause of death) be brought to face justice. More so if the beatings were the cause of his death.

I am happy to see the AG, the IGP and Deputy IGP getting fully involved in the investigation and ensuring no stones remain unturned. Whilst we respect and appreciate the duties and resposibilities of the police force, these few errant cops must not be allowed to continue in their wrong ways. These few cops must think they are in Guantanamo Bay detention camp!

At the same time, I am sad that there are individuals out there who are taking advantage of the situation. Please do not politicise the issue and please do not turn this into a racial issue. The demonstration at the USJ 8 police station was uncalled for. Neither was the fracas at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre until 6 got detained. We are a civilised society, not barbarians. Let's solve issues properly and not create havoc.

I hope cool and calm heads will prevail. Please allow the Attorney General and the police to do their investigation. Let's wait for the second post mortem report. The AG had said he wants to see the report. And whether or not the alleged beatings caused the late S Kugan's death, action should be taken on the cops who allegedly beat him up.

I will not demonise the whole police force just because of a few bad hats. But if the powers that be do not take action on these people, then from the IGP right down to the normal police, I hold you in contempt of justice.


Anonymous said...

yes i agree with your view bro

Stephen Doss said...

Bro, you should replace the current Home Minister :)

akusayangumno said...

I agree, absolutely agree.

Hmm This quick note if we read carefully analogically it is also like quick oats, its can absorb bad cholesterol(read: politicking)

he he he...