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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Reform

I wish to offer my congratulations to YAB Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak as the incoming President of UMNO and by convention, soon to be Malaysia's Prime Minister. It is indeed a great honour and a great responsibility to lead Malaysia, especially in times such as these. I believe YAB DSNR is the best person to succeed YAB Pak Lah. YAB DSNR will hit the ground running, and will quickly adjust to his new role as Commander in Chief of Malaysia.

As I see it, the election of YAB DSNR to UMNO President's post is the first concrete step towards the reformation process that UMNO and the public have been expecting. This will mean we have a new steward, to lead UMNO and the country forward in these difficult and trying times.

What UMNO members throught the country need to do now, is to ensure that UMNO delegates vote in a strong and credible team to help the President. YAB DSNR alone cannot reform UMNO and the country. He needs to have a good and able Deputy President / DPM, good Vice-Presidents and credible Supreme Council members. Apart from UMNO itself, YAB DSNR will critically need the assistance and good working relationship from all BN component parties. All these will translate to a strong Cabinet, able to focus on the well-being of the country and chart the country's fortunes forward.

But I have to add, what he would really need right now and especially in the first 6 months of his Premiership, are the support and understanding from all of us, the Rakyat.

I have to say, great things are expected from the man. He comes across as intellectual, very articulate in his thoughts and demeanour. He is a gentleman, princely as someone told me but yet a man with a good sense of humour and rooted to the ground. In my few meetings with him, he has proven to be a good manager, a strategist and inclusive in getting views from everyone in the meeting before making his decision. Yes, I have great respect for the man.

And with this respect comes high expectations. I know I am not the only one placing such high hopes on him. All of us also have our own wish list of what and how we want Malaysia to progress.

I want to start some sort of a poll online. More towards creating a "Rakyat Wishlist for the Incoming Prime Minister". About the same when I started the PPSMI polls online. I had good response, both on the blog and e mails to me. And, as in the PPSMI exercise, should I collect sufficient response from all readers, I will forward them to YAB DSNR as the incoming Prime Minister.

So everyone, spread the word around. Give me your wishlist for YAB DSNR, the incoming Prime Minister. This is going to be the Rakyat's wishlist. I will endeavour to pass your responses and ideas to the man himself!


Stephen Doss said...

My wishlist,

YAB Dato Seri,

1.Malaysia has enough politicians, what we need are statesmen who know how to differentiate what is right for the country, and what is right for the party..knowing the difference and acting accordingly in the interest of the country rather than the party is crucial for the survival of Malaysia as we know it.

2. never ever promise more than you can deliver :)

3. no amount of spin can hoodwink the people for long....

Anonymous said...

My heartiest Congrat on ur great success of winning d presidential post unopposed. Do continue 2 b a real PM 4 all Malaysians 4 d betterment of our Malaysia, as u used 2 b. May God bless u n our Malaysia. Cheerio!
Chim Chin Sin, MCA Bedong Branch, Kedah Darulaman.

Dax Muhamad (Daxo) & Zuhri Aziz (Mando) said...

Top blog Abang. We just started ours, we will link ours if you are ok?