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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saman Ekor

I was one of the guilty ones! a whole load of summons and waited til the very last minute to pay. I knew I had to pay but (excuses!) due to work andso on,, only tried to do something about it at the very last minute.

I happened to be in Port Dickson on Sunday. Thinking that it would be better to go to outside Kuala Lumpur, I confidently went to the IPD to pay. And Gosh! Never had the Traffic Unit in the IPD been so popular! Ended up not paying as I did not want to wait for 3 hours. Thankfully though I went back to Jerai on Monday and went to the IPD in Yan. At last managed to pay all my 20+ summonses in Yan for a whopping......cough cough, ehem ehem.

Many people failed to pay during that weekend and the Monday 28 February 2011. Many complained of the long queues, system breakdowns and generally just frustrating waits. And many called for the extension of time for another month to allow them to pay within the grace period.

You know. I might sound selfish, I might sound cold hearted but any extensions will jsut not work. The government had been talking and telling people about the 28 Febraury 2011 deadline to pay up to enjoy the discounts for months ie since last year. Why is it everyone (including me though I was lucky to have been able to pay) had to wait until the very last minute to pay?

Even if the government were to extend for another month, people will just wait until the last minute and rush to go and pay which essentially means there will again be another mad rush close to the deadline.

So for The government - on the specific case of extending the grace period - NOT REQUIRED. these people can still drive. Just when the want to renew their roadtax, they have to pay in full. Fully support YB DS hishammuddin's statement of standing firm on this.

But the case of saman ekor! Late or or notice of summons received - now that's another matter! Should saman ekor still continue? That is a different topic for debate altogether

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