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Monday, January 18, 2010

My letter to Star

Dear Sirs,

I refer to your report on page N8 - “Legalise, Don’t Deport”.

I totally disagree with MIC Youth Chief T Mohan who asked the Government to introduce a clemency programme for the 40,000 Indian citizens working illegally in Malaysia. His statement is irresponsible and is not thought out properly.

Firstly, should the Government follow his advice, the Government will set a very dangerous precedent for other illegal workers. What about the illegal workers from Indonesia and China? If we were to allow for the illegal and missing Indian workers, we would then need to allow for the others too.

By coming out with a clemency programme as suggested by MIC Youth, the Government will set a trend that will encourage more illegal workers and overstayers in the future. Our country will be swamped with them and we would have a host of other problems that our country could well do without.

The relevant agencies under Government must take action against illegal workers, irregardless where they come from. For example, obviously these workers were brought in by agents or specific companies to work in Malaysia. Immigration Department or Human Resources Ministry should haul them up, not to explain but to impose stiff penalties and even blacklist these companies because of their failure to monitor these illegal and overstaying workers.

MIC, being the a political party should assist the Government by flushing the illegals out rather than trying to protect the wrongdoers and trying to get them clemency.

We want good workers who are respectful of the law, not those who break the law. I am disappointed that MIC Youth feels they should protect these people who have clearly broken the law.

Ahmad Ikmal Ismail

Vice Division Chief for UMNO Jerai


rem said...

Salam Tuan Ik,
actually this has been done in the past (several times) by the govt.
ie legalise not deport. 'proses pemutihan', kata imigresen.

see here: (under section C. State Responses to Alien Labour, para 3. also paras 8 and 9).

here is another report:

so i guess that was what MIC meant. if you can do so for indonesians, do the same for the indians?

Ahmad Ikmal said...

If done before, then I stand corrected. However, we should not encourage such actions. There will be no end to it and will definitely strain the country's resources ie healthcare, education and so on.